About Consort Immanuel

Consort Immanuel is a multifaceted musical arts organization dedicated to bringing God-centered music to Houston and the surrounding communities. 


Consort Immanuel was birthed in 2007, and from the start, this organization has embraced a holistic approach to music.  The unique identity of the organization is wrapped up in the fluid integration of performance elements, service elements, and educational elements. We sponsor concerts, provide music services to the community, and offer educational opportunities to all who want to learn. 


Consort Immanuel presented two concerts during the first year of operation. Our goal is to have a full series of concerts every year, all featuring music which has God at its center. 

This doesn't mean that all of the music will be Christian music. It is our objective to bring the "fruits of the spirit" to our listeners through music as a medium of communication. This means we will not perform angry or music or any kind of music which might be associated with an unsettled spirit. 

Music Services:

In II Thessalonians Chapter three, Paul says, 

"We were not idle when we were with you, nor did we eat anyone's food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you."

Consort Immanuel is modeled on this principle. This is not a charity organization. We have every intention of "working night and day" to support the free concerts and selected workshops. We hope to perform enough professional services each year that we will never need to call on the public for donations or other forms of financial support.

That said, we are readily available to perform in weddings, church services, and any other event that calls for musicians. The current director of Consort Immanuel has been in the music business for over twenty-five years as a freelance musician, and brings his invaluable experience into the leadership of this organization. Consort Immanuel is not our way of breaking into the music business. More than anything else, it's our way of breaking out of that industry (and the mold that industry forces musicians to conform to) and bringing God back into the center of our careers the way it should have been all along.

By hiring Consort Immanuel for your music related functions, you are contributing to your community and helping to bring enriching, peaceful, God centered music to the community.

Educational Opportunities:

Consort Immanuel offers educational opportunities to musicians of all ages and levels. Sometimes these are connected to the performances and sometimes they are free standing workshops on various musical and/or Christian topics. 

Topics range from jazz improvisation to very specific trumpet workshops for high school players. There are workshops on music software, composition techniques, and motivational topics.

From time to time we will also offer free workshops on Christian topics. These will always be clearly advertised as free workshops and are a continuing part of our collective ministry.

Director of Consort Immanuel

Eddie Lewis, the director of Consort Immanuel, is also a Christian trumpet player who maintains a vibrant and stylistically diverse career as a freelance trumpet player in Houston, TX. Performing with as many as fifty bands each year, he has decades of experience playing jazz, classical music, salsa (and other tropical musics), rhythm and blues, tejano and even klezmer music. Eddie is a regular member of the David Caceres Band (jazz and dance music), and the Quail Valley Church Praise Band (contemporary Christian music). He is also active as a studio player and one of the CDs he recorded in 2005, Chicanismo by Little Joe and La Familia, won a Grammy in the Tejano category for that year.

Eddie has composed over three hundred original works for various brass and jazz ensemble instrumentations and does arranging and copy work for local Houston bands. His compositions have been recorded by the Tom Borling BeBop Band, the Texas Brass and the Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra and are performed world wide. Eddie has been active as a music educator for over twenty-five years; teaching private lessons, giving clinics and master classes, participating in workshops and even teaching jazz improvisation as a class at Houstonís High School for the Performing and Visual Arts for five years.

Administrative Office of Consort Immanuel

Dr Pearl Lewis is the administrative manager for Consort Immanuel.  Dr Lewis is a South African native and new to the Houston area. She has a PhD in Physics and eighteen years of experience doing research and teaching in that field at the University of Port Elizabeth and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.  She brings her experience as educator and project manager to enrich the organizational and administrative departments of Consort Immanuel.