For Immediate Release

Jazz Improvisation Workshop

Held from 1 Feb to 28 Mar 2008

Local jazz enthusiasts and amateur musicians with a desire to play jazz recently had the opportunity to participate in a series of jazz workshops.  Although originally intended as a unique educational experience for Southbelt residents, the six workshops drew participation from as far afield as the Woodlands and Lufkin .  Held at the Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Scarsdale Boulevard over a period of two months, the Jazz Improvisation Workshops introduced musicians of varied skill level to jazz improvisation. 

The workshops were hosted by Consort Immanuel (www.consortimmanuel.org) and presented by well-known jazz trumpeter and composer, Eddie Lewis.  From the first session, the participants (varying in age from 12 to mature adult) were encouraged to exercise their new improvisation skills in the non-threatening, expressive musical environment created within the workshops.  Lewis led the enthusiastic musicians on a hands-on journey from the basics of getting started with improvisation, through listening, improvisation techniques, and idiomatic expression, and concluded the series with practical tips for performing.

Consort Immanuel, a multifaceted musical arts organization based in the Southbelt area, will host a workshop on 18 April that deals with performance anxiety and a flute concert on 27 April.  Both events, to be held at the Mount Olive Lutheran Church , are free of charge and open to the public.  Anyone interested in attending either of these events should visit www.consortimmanuel.org for more details and instructions for reserving seats.  Consort Immanuel can also be contacted by e-mail at consortimmanuel@sbcglobal.net.