Trumpets of Jubilee

11 January 2009
3:00 PM

Student rehearsal

Student trumpeters listen attentively as the conductor, Eddie Lewis, briefs them on performance etiquette during the rehearsal.

Student Rehearsal

Professional Rehearsal

ABOVE: Professional trumpeters demonstrate their sight-reading skill during the concert rehearsal.

Students playing their parts.

This concert was a trumpets-only performance which brought together the diverse talents of professionals and students of all ages.  The concert, which marked the start of the Consort Immanuel 2009 Concert Series, celebrated the vibrant and majestic music of the trumpet.  Trumpet-only concerts are rare, so this was an unusual opportunity for the community to embrace the rich, resonant sounds of a host of trumpets playing in harmony.  The concert also served as an enrichment opportunity for music students, who were priviledged to play alongside professional musicians.  

The concert was directed by Eddie Lewis, who was assisted by John Goode on the pieces where Eddie was called to perform.  Professional trumpeters included Will Cook, Jerry Garcia, John Goode, Terrence Harrington, Eddie Lewis, Jimmy Lingenfelter, Matt Jenkins, Mark Rios, and Chad Willis.  The student section comprised 14 students, with the youngest being a 4th grader and the oldest being 9th graders.  The students represented home-schooled students and a number of different schools from the area: Friendswood Junior High, Pearland High School, J. Frank Dobie High School, Berry Miller Junior High School, British School of Houston, and Kolter Elementary School.

The performance included works by Albert Ellmenreich, Samuel Scheidt, Stefan Karpiniec, Eddie Lewis, John Bennet, Andreas de Silva, Benjamin Britten, Vassily Brandt, Brian Israel, George Frederick McKay, Alexander Gretchaninoff, and Tielman Susato.

The concert was sponsored by Consort Immanuel and offered free of charge to the community.  The venue was graciously made available for the concert by Mount Olive Lutheran Church.  The support of Mount Olive Lutheran Church is gratefully acknowledged.

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